XBOX One And PlayStation 4 Hack – Status Report

At the end of 2013 around the same time appeared to Microsoft and Sony’s next-generation console the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Then, the current generation of consoles (Xbox 360, PS3) has been completely broken up. PS, there was the COBRA ODE which racked up an emulation process using a custom console while playing CFW directly from ISO can be almost anything.

Console Release History

The Xbox 360 has been released within a few weeks after the appearance of the Flash that allowed you change the DVD drive to go to the copied disc games. 2013 has already reached maturity in the RGH, which completely ignores the disk usage on the Xbox while ensuring other extras. check here for Xbox live code generator.
After the next-gen look, any hacker team plunged into the new console but soon broke their teeth into it. The Xbox One at a relatively early to have reached any distribution tools factory 500GB HDD, up to a 2TB aftermarket town also exchange, but we have to admit it is a pretty cold comfort. All Xbox belongs to an individual data packet that specifies identifies the console.
This is called NAND does. The previous generation of this recovered, modified and then written back to the onboard content could be amended and therefore have been running the games without asking for verification. The Xbox One also has a NAND al-so it seemed natural to him this fall grime. You can also read and change it, and even managed to write well, but as long as do not explain to the code, you stumble in the dark.

Did they maintain Next Generation Standard?

No existing standard method is not applicable because all the “point of entry” as we know the previous generation of consoles motherboard has been removed. They changed the whole standard. The RIPs are made of the same ever since, but now they just can not start because there is none archival role.
Meanwhile, something else began to work in Brazil. There is a team of hackers has figured out that you can take advantage of the “game sharing ‘function is to pirate content should run our console. The “game sharing” is a function which is both a two console, but not as well known as, say, the Twitch.
If more than one of the same type next-gen consoles has in a household, so it is possible to run multiple 1pc officially purchased the game (within the household of the same type) console, the PS4 or Xbox One to be. We just need to coordinate the two machines in one of them, and you buy it you can play, so it gets to the other side as well, why not we can play Tomb Raider is the bedroom once we bought into the living room.
It makes sense right? But! What happens if you disconnect the cable internet? You can also go!  It was possible that the contents of the HDD cloning without internet connection (offline) is playing games, which were purchased at any one time officially, but after almost unlimited copies.

Some Positive Developments

If the console does not reach Internet connection, you can not fail authentication for online and offline authentication is not it along with the other contents of the HDD has been cloned, so the games are run. This method is undoubtedly thanks to the Russian and Brazilian teams, but here it is also a science. At the moment, an amount equivalent to the US $ 100 must be paid for by only 10pc game can be played offline, since the console to connect anyway scene.
That’s why Fail to online games is an opportunity for those that have been officially purchased. This is not a full-blown crash. Too many compromises so did not spread and works on both consoles. Even the Brazilian team’s Facebook page of advertising positions in only a few people Gives a Like, for approximately 6-8 thousand forints enough that every month traded in one older our games in one space a new stop for so do not even fall from the online game when the official route is chosen.
So we are at present. When this article appears on a next gen console is still not hacked, and no one can yet predict just when this will happen if at all occurs. The topic is relevant and is currently recognized by hackers almost one year were reported not deserve development edge, so you can be sure that almost nowhere to be kept.
At the time, the PS3 could not hack nearly five years, and although it seemed at the end of the global supply of goods is no longer waiting for a miracle as received by the audience after almost everyone has waived the PS3 will ever be broken. Who knows? It is even possible that the demand for the online gaming industry as a game-changer that will disappear piracy and multinational console profession companies  dreams come true.

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