Why the heel is strength

If you hang out with me for a while, you will not be surprised that I’m interested in the “enclothed cognition.” This psycho language speaks of the influence of clothes on our emotional and physical feelings.

Clearly, our sensations “psycho-physical” vary according to what is on his back. Or feet.

It is not the same assurance, nor even felt in any soft jogging or structured blazer, shirt in XL or silk nightie, tong or heels, civilian or doctor’s coat …

Makes sense, right?

After all, depends on the symbolic interpretation of each.

Ex: a painter’s smock is not a doctor’s coat, it is heavier or lighter, more or less full of meaning.

Louboutin heels are not Repetto ballerinas.


When I wear heels, I’m clearly a woman. I feel my body more; it is more active.

I naturally stand straighter.

I take the pitch. In every sense of the term.

My steps are smaller. I make sure not to twist my feet or to slip into the subway stairs.

I am alert. At both more fragile and conquering.

In a session, It often makes me notice that the heels bring courage and guts.

The lower I feel, The Higher the heel, the saying goes.

I was talking about my feelings to body psychotherapist Eric Guenoun who, seeing me perched on 8 centimeters, offered me his version:

“In heels, the foot …