14 proven tactics to get tons of traffic from social media

You have profiles on Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Regularly, you update your accounts by following good advice from the experts. You do what you are told to do, and yet you do not seem to get all the expected traffic!
So why? How to remedy this?
Social media is extremely easy to find but hard to master and we lose very often time to tweet and view without really getting an improved flow!
A Problem, solution, here are 14 proven tactics to get more traffic flows and on social media:

1 / First include images in your tweets.

Why ? Twitter love the pictures!
According to a study by Twitter, more than 2 million tweets, incorporate images in a tweet stimulates re-tweets 35%.
Neil Patel (American entrepreneur) increased its traffic on Twitter 6000-12470 views by adding more images.
Why does it work? An example: Twitter publishes images on food. If you scroll an image stream and you see a more striking than the others, you’ll want to learn more!
But how to create images on social media? Using tools like Pablo, or Canvas Gravit.io , insanesocialmedia.

2 / Do not upload images directly to Facebook or Twitter to Instagram.

Why ? If you do this, here are 2 stats you need to know:
Tweets that include pic.twitter.com and links as Twitpic are 94% and 64% more likely to be retweeted!
I usually upload unique images on Instagram to get more easy Instagram  followers

3 / Use the mini computer graphics for more content on Twitter

Sometimes 140 characters are not enough to express your ideas or thoughts. The solution? Add more mini computer graphics to enhance your content!
Even without any skills in the photo shopping, with Paint or Recite.com seems really easy!

4 / Share your updated several times

Let’s take an example. Tom Tunguz (Redpoint Ventures partner), conducted an experiment where he shared its contents several times.
Result? Instead of an average of 4.9 retweets, recirculation has increased retweets averaged 11.3 an increase of 130%.
Why this tactic does it work?
If you have an international audience, this tactic helps achieve all time zones.
It also allows reaching new “followers.” For example, people who are following you since August might not know your content from the past year! New sharing: All your “followers” new and old find all your publications.
Follow a phased program display that shows all your periods of major activities.
Each social network has a different tolerance for repeated content. We speak of “half-life” is the time a social post for only reach half of its original audience.
Due to its fast size, Twitter has a “half life” exceptionally low, around 18mn then Instagram will be one of about 2:23.

5 / Use emoji in your Facebook updates

They are everywhere! This is even the fastest language of culture in the UK! The brands are getting into Coca Cola create their own custom emoji.
Here are 2 reasons to use emoji in your updates
Brevity and empathy! The emoji used to condense emotions in a simple visual understood by all languages and also to condense more complex feelings in brief statements.
Highlight CTAs (Customer Technology Application). The emoji are colorful visual cues that attract attention.
So feel free to use it on your social media!

6 / On Facebook updates messages, short

Short messages when you do your updates, and especially if you add pictures or videos. Remember innovative ideas!
Reb Bull does that very well. Their updates typically do no more than 6 words.
At Dove, they use video 6 seconds! Or the innovative content formats such as “Carousel” to tell interactive stories.
To summarize: made short day and remarkable visual content!

7 / Get More flow evoking curiosity

A knowledge gap produces a feeling of deprivation and pushes us to seek this missing information. In other words: more action and clicks!
For example, Facebook posts Buzzfeed almost always generate curiosity. The style has much to do: “You will not believe ……”. Facebook has long abused such securities.
Their new algorithms now limit their scope.
If you use this type of bait, be subtle!
Use words like “this” or “how” that act as magnets curiosity. They indicate that something is happening without necessarily revealing.
Use images partially obscured to evoke curiosity. They are the real engines.
Use exaggerated exclamations like “Wow” “Whoa” “OMG! “That may seem hyperbolic but perfect to get attention!
After all, you want to know what is behind these exaggerated emotions is human!

8 / Ask questions or create a “pop quiz.”

People love answering questions and generally if they know the answer to questions, they answer! All this results in the flow.
According to HubSpot, messages with a question get a higher number of comments.
Ask short questions, intriguing and witty, related to the message you send.

9 / Participate in Twitter chats

A Twitter chat is a group of Twitter users who meet to discuss a subject, using a hashtag to tweet each contribution.
Each discussion lasts about 1 hour.
Host a chat on Twitter is easy, you just need three things:
A hashtag is short, unique and memorable, a tool to manage and monitor multiple responses and public.

10 / Use custom landing pages for each social network

Traffic is good but not enough! We must convert that traffic into actual customers.
According to a study, 51% to 79% of social media fans are more likely to buy and recommend that others.
In that case, is it not more logical to direct fans to your personalized pages rather than your home page?
Why ? Firstly because of different audiences.
Facebook fans will not be the same as the Twitter fans that will not be the same as your occasional visitors! Send them to the same page would be a risk of losing customers!
Second reason for the relevance of context.
An example: When you send a customer who was looking at your selection shirt on Instagram, a full home page links to the shoes, you break it the sense of context, which can have negative consequences for your business!

11 / generously Use hashtags

Most brands use hashtags whenever they share content on social media.
Your hashtags can be brands or generic trend.
An example of branded hashtag: “Taste the hashtag feeling” promoted by Coca-Cola.
Generic hashtags revolve around a specific event as “hashtag MothersDay” or “hashtag Rio2016” or any other subject like “hashtag skateboarding.”
Hashtags trending generally follows the trends of short duration such as “hashtag HighSchoolTaughtMe”.
Coca-Cola has created a new hashtag to align with the 2016 Olympics “hashtag ThatsGold.”
The Holy Grail of using the hashtag is when you can use each of these three types of hashtags to maximize your traffic.
If you can not do the same, even when trying to add as many hashtags as possible, the extent of coherence and reasonable!

12 / Use expressions and trigger words

These are retweetable words that will generate more flow, here are a few as examples: Great, please, free, social, help, you …
According to a study CoShedule, there would be about more than 500 words emotional power it would be advisable to use to increase its traffic.
People need a reason to share. Ask them to do so with such “check-out” or “new blog.”
In short, be explicit, exaggerate and always useful if you want to get more flow.

13 / GIF Include your updates

There are not as effective a good content relevant GIF to share your updates!
(GIF: Word 2012 Graphic Interchange Format In French, format images Swap!).
For Facebook, choose the link GIPHY.
For sites and blogs, choose the GIF download link and download the image to your site.
For Instagram, choose HTML5 video option. You can also upload it to Facebook.
For Twitter, choose the final option “Upload GIF to Twitter” for direct Twitter sharing.

14 / Update your Facebook Tie on topics trend

How to get new users and piggyback on a trending topic?
Have you noticed that Facebook now shows trending topics in the sidebar?
If you write about these posts, your update will be displayed when someone clicks the trending topic!
Michael Phelps was a trending topic during the Olympics in Rio after his Olympic performance.
therefore create Facebook posts that are relevant to the trends and topics you will greatly increase your traffic.
To conclude, we can say that social media can be a difficult beast to master. However, the fundamentals remain the same: to be conversational, visual and evocative.
These 14 tactics will help you refine your social media strategy and also help you get more shares, traffic, and engagement!

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